BYS Lip Tar & Matte Lipstick OCT 28, 2014 

BYS Lip Tar & Matte Lipstick OCT 28, 2014 Hi Sugar Dolls!

I hope you're all feeling gorgeous because I'll be sharing with you about these awesome lippies that would surely get your puckers oooooh so pretty!

Some makeup artist friends of mine have mentioned BYS Cosmetics before but just recently, I thought of checking out the department store to look for an awesome new girl toy. And oh yes I came across BYS Lip Tar  and Matte Lipstick. Personally, I like using sheer lippies like tinted balms and chubby sticks. But when I saw these lil babies on the makeup shelves, I felt like they spoke to me saying, " hey gorgeous! Try me!" And the next thing I knew, I was already swatching the products on the back my hand and feeling their consistency and checking how they smell.


Make Up Finds So Let's start with the Lip Tar. It actually comes in only 2 colors, pink and orange. Obviously, I got the orangey one (in Barbados Bikinis 05) as I feel that it doesn't give me that " Oh I'm trying so hard to show you I'm pretty" kind of look that most bright or pale pink lippies do. This orangey Lip Tar flatters my olive (with a bit of bronzers) skin tone and gives me that girlie look with a touch of being deviant. What I love about BYS Lip Tar is that it comes with a mini lip brush that's great if you wanna do touchups all throughtout the day/night. Once applied onto the lips, you could instantly feel a cool, minty (not tingling) sensation, as the makeup really sticks to the lips, thus the stain effect. Give it about 5 to 10 seconds to settle as you press your lips again and again to spread the product evenly. Feel like going for a bolder look? Well this lil baby is buildable, so you can go for a second or even a third coat and rock your way to chicness! 


Make Up Finds So here's a side by side comparison of how my lips look like without any product on, and with a single coat  and with 2 coats of BYS Lip Tar.

For some reasons, it appears as more pinkish rather than orangey in photos. Anyway, here you can see how pigmented and glossy it is. With a single coat, you can achieve a wearable look that's perfect for everyday prettiness factor. And if you're in a bit of a night out mood, 2 coats of this baby will surely put the ooomph in your looks!


Make Up Finds Moving on to BYS Matte Lipstick, I got the one in the shade Salsa which is a neutral brownish pink (sort of blushy) color. And true to being matte (which some matte lipsticks fail to deliver), there has very little to no hint of gloss or shine into it whatsoever. It's perfect for girls in their mid 20's and older who are already graduating from their glossy lips days. It does not look chalky or cakey like how some matte lipsticks tend to be. What I love about this product is that it still gives a moisturizing feel and it glides on super smoothly. I think I have found my new lip buddy!


Make Up Finds Just look at how natural-looking and flattering this Matte Lipstick is. It has just the right amount of pigment feels so luscious to the lips. 


BYS Lip Tar 
BYS Matte Lipstick


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